Oil / Gas Pipelines

Oswal Infrastructure Ltd is one of the leading and respectable contractor who can ensure the client a seamless execution of its Oil & Gas & City Gas Distribution network projects.

Oil Surface Facilities

Oswal Infra oil field facility service is to provide the best solutions of gas/oil treatment facilities from the wellhead to customers. Performing a thorough oil field facility engineering analysis prior to or in conjunction with our oil field facility simulation and process scheme studies, enabling oil field surface process to meet oil/gas output requirements, maximizing oil and gas recovery through optimal process study, process simulation and sophisticated engineering design.

Our oil field surface engineering service can provide the solutions mainly on:

  • Wellhead facilities (wellhead hydraulic control panel for X-Mass-tree, purging connection, sample connection, chemical injection, piping assembly, instrument and electrical system, OGM, manifold, de-sand facilities as needed and related Auxiliary facilities, etc.)
  • Pipeline (trucklines and flowlines with pig launcher and receiver station, F.O.C, anticorrosion with internal/external coating and cathodic protection, intermediate valve station, etc.)
  • Booster station (booster pump, booster compressor, metering system, leakage testing and utility station, etc.)
  • Degassing station (water/oil/gas 3 phase separation and pre-dehydration, flare system, vent stack, etc.)
  • Oily water treatment (water injection system, oily water treatment system, diesel oil system, instrument system, domestic water supply and drainage system, fire fighting system and related auxiliary facilities, etc.)
  • Central process facilities (de-sanding system, dehydration system, de-sulfur system, metering system and storage tanks, utility station and related auxiliary facilities, etc.)

From concept to commissioning, our technical expertise and strong partnerships provide energy companies what they need to succeed.

Gas Compressor Package

Gas compressor stations ensure that natural gas maintains sufficient pressure on its journey through long-distance pipelines. Oswal Infra offers the engineering, construction, and start-up of this type of installation through to its turnkey delivery to the client.

Gas Compression Package consist of hardware and primary systems: control and measurement units, pig traps, separator and coalescer filters, electric system and equipment, and ancillary services area. Each station is equipped with its own supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, connected via satellite to the central control system for the gas pipeline network and perfectly integrated into the facilities as a whole. It can be customized as per the demand of the clients requirement.

Early Production Facilities

Early Production Facilities are fastest way to monetize investment with an optimum solution for Oil Fields. Oswal Infra offers custom-built designs for fast-track delivery. We have pre-engineered solutions for a wide range of crude, both heavy and light, sour (high sulphur) and sweet (low sulphur). With Oswal's inhouse design and manufacturing strength we can optimize and help the client to monitize the facility quickly.

EPF system mainly consist of :

  • Separator
  • Desalter/Dehydrator
  • Crude Stabilisation Column
  • Crude Heater
  • Flare System
  • Pump Skid
  • Chemical Injection System
  • Utility & Instrument Air System
  • Control Room
  • DG Diesel Generator Set
  • Fuel Oil System
  • Day Tanks & Storage Tanks
  • Truck Loading Terminals
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