Oswal’s Gas Dehydration units successfully removes water vapor from natural gas stream to an outlet water content meeting stringent pipeline specifications, using the absorption technique of water vapor in Triethylene Glycol [TEG].

We have the experience and design capabilities to manufacture Gas Dehydration Units of various capacities that are required to perform and meet the requirements of our clients worldwide including the Modular Units. A number of liquids possess the ability to absorb water from gas. Yet, there are very few which meet the criteria for a suitable commercial process.

The required properties of Absorption Liquids are:

  • Highly hygroscopic
  • Do not solidify in a concentrated solution
  • Non corrosive
  • Do not form precipitates with gas constituents
  • Easily regenerated to a high concentration
  • Easily separated
  • Essentially insoluble in liquid hydrocarbons
  • Relatively stable in the presence of sulphur compounds and carbon dioxide
Several glycols come the closest to meeting all of these criteria.

The Glycols used in gas dehydration are:

  • MEG
    often used as hydrate inhibitor
  • DEG
    Cheaper, large carry-over loss, less dew point depression
  • TEG
    used in almost 100% of glycol dehydrators
  • TREG
    more viscous and more expensive, lower vapour pressure